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Alright... decided to kill two birds with one stone here.

Title:When the Rain Came
Fandom/Pairing:FMA RoyxEd
Disclaimer:I don't own FMA
Number/Theme:50_keepsakes #5 Letters & special_moments #17 Heaven's Tears
Rating: PG

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Dear Roy,

Three years. Three years I lost. Three years I couldn't see Al, couldn't see you. It was like a constant rain that wouldn't let up. The world was dark and painful.

It was in those long, lonely nights though. Without Al and a goal to distract me, I had way too much time to think. I thought about my brother. I wondered how he was doing, if he'd gotten his body back, what he looked like. I wondered if Winry had settled down or gotten married.

I also thought about you. When we last parted you were facing down Pride. I'd fear for anyone fighing a homunculus, but even more so for you. Back then it hadn't mattered. I hated, respected, even grudgingly admired you, but I didn't care.

Funny how the years change us. The longer I was gone, the more you invaded my thoughts. Eventually, I gave up shoving you from my mind. The more I thought about our final moments, the more I realized I hoped you were okay. It was such a surprise to find I honestly hoped for your safety.

From wistful thoughts came determination. I came to need to get home as much to see you as to get back to Al. I just, I had to know you were okay. Maybe I didn't love you back then, but I cared.

My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw you. You were walking through the park with Riza and Black Hayate and for some reason, that terrified me. I wondered if you and she had gotten married, hoping it wasn't true. I kicked myself for that though. I should just want you to be happy. You didn't look happy though, or maybe it was the eyepatch. You looked my way and I ran. I didn't think I could face you as a married man. Not when I had finally come to a conclusion about how I felt for you.

I was so lost and hurt. More rain. I didn't think the pain would ever stop. It was a week before I had the courage to face you again. even then, only out of necessity. After all, Al and Winry were happy. I didn't want to be in the way. With no where else to go, I decided I could make do as a state alchemist.

I still remember the look on your face when I stormed into your office. I would have been calmer, but I was terrified. Besides, I had a reputation to keep up.

Your eye, I still wondered about the eyepatch. You just looked so damn shocked. There was a time I would have gloated about that look, but not then. For fear I'd never have the chance again, I practically leapt at you, holding you close.

You tensed up and I almost cried, thinking I had upset you. That was when you held me back.

"Ed.... Edward. Is it really you?" your voice cracked and I could see a few stray teardrops slide down your cheek as I pulled away.

I didn't have to answer you it seemed. You yanked me against you a moment longer before letting me go.

For the first time in the years I've known you, I saw it. Your mouth turned up in a true smile. It lasted a moment before you composed yourself, motioning for me to sit down.

"So Fullmetal, you have a lot of esplaining to do," though you were all business once more, I could see the relief in your eyes. I'd never seen you so obviously happy and I knew the rain was ending, carrying love on its coat tails.

And I do love you Roy Mustang.

Yours Always,

Edward Elric

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